E3liveGlobal Affiliate Enrollment

Becoming a E3LiveGlobal Affiliate allows you to earn money by building a network of customers and other affiliates in multiple countries around the world.


To become an Affiliate, it is very import that you have the tools listed below, and to follow these steps to avoid confusion and frustration:


– You must have a valid email address that you check regularly. This is crucial. Many key parts of your international business will be sent to you through your email, and if your Inbox is not checked regularly, you will experience frustration and missed commissions. If you will not be able to check your email Inbox regularly, please hold off on becoming an active Affiliate business builder.

– You must have a smart phone.



– There are fees associated with building an international online business, such as exchange rates, earning commissions, getting paid in US dollars, bank transfer fees, and so on. These fees can range between 3%-15%, depending which country you live in. None of these fees benefit E3LiveGlobal,  but instead are paid to federal and state authorities, debit card processing, and the commission distribution companies. These fees are quite standard, and it is important to realize that this is the cost for building an international team. E3LiveGlobal helps mitigate theses fees by not charging an annual business activation fee, by keeping shipping costs low, and by offering your business Dashboard for free.

– You must be a citizen of the countries where E3LiveGlobal has a business license. These are currently USA, Ghana, and Mexico.

– New Affiliates must purchase one of the initial product packs.

– This first purchase will create a login for your E3LiveGlobal Store. Your email address is your username, and please remember your password.

– Right after your purchase, check your email. You will receive a very important email from E3LiveGlobal (the email address will include @backoffice.e3liveglobal.com), with instructions on creating a second login to your Business Dashboard.

– Once you have established this Business Dashboard requires a second separate secure login, which is why the email will contain your same email address and a temporary password to log into your Dashboard.

– Once you are logged into your business Dashboard, we highly suggest to change your Dashboard password to the same password you used to set up your Store. That will make it easier to access both your Store and your Dashboard.

Pay Plan

To view the E3LiveGlobal Pay Plan PDF, click here.


Ready? Got access to your email account and your smart phone? Then select your product pack below to get started.

  • There is no website fee or yearly membership fee
  • It requires only an initial Join Pack purchase to get started and earning commissions.
  • Has a very nominal monthly requirements to earn on all levels of your group.
  • You earn commissions on both customers and other affiliates.
  • Earn commissions on all repeat orders, forever.
  • To view and download the complete compensation plan click here.