Introducing our Flagship Product


Our new RenewMe+ formula may promote:
• Lessening of body aches and pains caused by inflammation
• Increased focus and clarity
• Healthy mood balance
• A healthy response to stress and enhanced well-being
• Increased concentration
• Ability to function at a higher level
• Increased energy, vitality, and endurance
• Restored overall biochemical balance
• Long-lasting energy boost
• Support for healthy skin, nails, and hair; and
• Contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue

RenewMe+ is our most powerful mix in 30years

Our new RenewMe+ formula is a blend of 95% organically certified power foods, including:

Organic AFA, hand-harvested and prepared by us from each year's harvest
MSM, an organic form of sulfur that plays a pivotal role in immunity, anti inflammation, and aids in the expulsion of harmful substances like heavy metals and toxins
Organic spirulina
Organic BrainOn, our AFA extract that is very high in phycocyanin and phenethylamine, two powerful compounds that help with focus, mood, and body inflammation
Vitamin E complex from rice bran
Organic Camu camu, the red berry from a small Amazon tree that is extraordinarily high in bio-available vitamin C, critical for helping protect cells, skin, bones, and immunity
Organic cayenne, helpful in relieving joint pain


The Power of AFA

If you search the entire world for the most powerful, most potent green plant life, there is no question — the top position for healing, nutrient-dense food is a very particular single-cell organism, called AFA (or Aphanizomenon flos-aquae) that grows wild in only one particular mountain lake in Oregon, Klamath Lake.

E3Live has been harvesting AFA for over 28 years, creating the technology and innovation that allows us to bring to you this RenewMe+ formula.